January 12/20


A videoclip for the upcoming album is in progress. On the hikes

through the foggy woods in search of film locations

we get fantastic impressions of divine nature.









Back on the road.

The upcoming 2 month will be spend

for the final album-recordings in studio.

Some details will follow.






After another long break there are some news for the

close future. 


1. This Webseite will be constant active with news,

starting in january 2020.

2. A third album is still in work and will be released

in the first half of 2020 in a strong limited edition.

3. First bandmerchandise will be aviable.

4. A videoclip is in its creation to introduce

the upcoming album release.

5. A record deal is active.

6. Some details like release date, labelname etc. 

you will find on this website starting in jannuary 2020.